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The Experts in Water Well Drilling in Warwick, NY

Specializing in well drilling and repair
Hudson Valley Drilling should be your first choice for well digging projects in Salisbury Mills, NY. We are able to handle both large-scale and smaller jobs, and our expert team is great at keeping clients informed during the entire construction project.
We offer comprehensive well drilling and repair services that are fast, efficient and affordable.

Drilling services

We are the leader in water well digging and drilling services. We offer a range of cost-effective programs and drilling services. Our services include:
  • Rotary & cable drilling 
  • Post hole drilling for fences 
  • Hydrofracturing 
  • Large diameter hole drilling 
  • Well deepening 
  • Well repairing 
  • Geothermal drilling 
  • Heat pump drilling
Our team in Salisbury Mills is ready to help you choose the right well digging service. Contact Hudson Valley Drilling today to speak with a professional drilling contractor.
Equipment for water well drilling in Warrick, NY

Water well drilling

At Hudson Valley Drilling, we provide our customers with a reliable and safe water supply. We understand the importance of clean water and the impact it can have on your health. It is our mission to construct the best possible wells to deliver clean water to your home or business. We supply a range of methods to effectively complete each well drilling project. Our services include:
  • Modern rotary drilling using steel casing 
  • Traditional cable well drilling using percussion techniques 
  • Large diameter drilling 
  • Windmill drilling
To learn more about our well drilling services, contact us today in Salisbury Mills.
Enjoying fresh water after well digging in Salisbury Mills, NY

Geothermal system heating

At Hudson Valley Drilling, our geothermal systems will help improve your home's water heating and cooling units. Instead of relying heavily on fossil fuels and energy, our drilling contractors will drill deeper into your home's water supply where the water is warmer. We will then circulate the water throughout your entire home, resulting in lower energy costs. Our geothermal heating systems supply many added benefits, including:
  • Less environmental impact 
  • Better HVAC efficiency 
  • Free hot water 
  • Greater noise control 
  • Tax incentives
From tax rebates to lower monthly energy costs, our geothermal systems have many added benefits. Contact us today in Salisbury Mills.
Graphic on how does a heat pump work in Salisbury Mills, NY
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